Student Council’s work with partner classrooms

Members of the Lower School Student Council have worked throughout the year with their assigned partner classrooms to develop leadership skills, disseminate information, and build relationships with students in other grades. Two Council members work with each Pre-First class, and one member is assigned to each First, Second, and Third Grade class.

Recently, classroom teachers were surveyed about the Council members’ monthly Morning Meeting visits. Are the older students demonstrating leadership skills? Do the younger students seem receptive to them? Are the Council members scheduling their Morning Meeting visits beforehand? Would the teachers like for members to visit again in April and May? Below are teachers’ responses. You will see that the Fourth and Fifth Grade student leaders seem to be doing a great job in Love Hall!

  • “Clara rocks as a student rep!”
  • “We love Hunter. He always comes in ready and willing to do anything. Our students seem to look up to him and love it when he visits. He’s great at reinforcing certain behavioral expectations that we try to encourage in our class.”
  • “We are enjoying having Kristina as our rep. She has demonstrated good leadership skills. She definitely takes her position seriously.”
  • “Ben is wonderful, and we would love to have him again.”
  • “Price has done a nice job this year! The kids enjoy having him come to morning meeting. We would love another visit in April and May.”
  • “We love Julia and welcome her anytime!”
  • “Our friend Christian was great. He asked about what we were doing in Second Step and was politely involved. We loved it. We were glad to have him pop in and be in our morning meeting!”
  • “Hewlett did a great job helping. He was definitely on top of it.”
  • “Henry was great in our morning meeting. He shared the concerns of the Student Council, particularly wasting food and bullying. Yes, we would like an April visit and a May visit.”
  • “We absolutely love having Campbell visit us during Morning Meeting!!! She is doing a great job and the children really like having her there.”
partner classroom 3 picstitch March 2015

Student Council members read books to captive audiences in their partner classrooms

partner classroom 2 picstitch March 2015

From participating in Morning Meeting’s circle greeting to pledging allegiance to the flag, Fourth and Fifth Grade Student Council members integrate themselves into their partner classrooms

partner classroom 1 picstitch March 2015

Is there a better way to start the day than with a fun high-five greeting during Morning Meeting in Pre-First?


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    This is really awesome Kate – great job!

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