Good sportsmanship in Pre-First

In our recent Pre-First classroom lessons, the students learned about and demonstrated good sportsmanship. We watched a short video/animated book on called “Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship” in which Howard initially displays terrible sportsmanship. He cheats in a card game, calls his teammates ugly names when they make mistakes, talks back to his soccer coach, and trips another runner in a relay. Yikes! Also, he thinks that winning is the most important part of the game. He’s dissatisfied with anything but a first place trophy. Howard’s negative attitude and behavior affects his teammates. The students and I agreed that we wouldn’t want to be on a team with a kid like Howard.

Howard’s soccer coach sits him out of the game, and Howard sees his teammates having a great time when he’s not playing. They treat everyone with respect, share the ball, and have fun. Finally, he realizes he has displayed bad sportsmanship and vows to turn things around. Coach allows him to rejoin the game, and Howard shares the ball and accepts the team’s second place trophy with a positive attitude. A happy ending!

After the video, we reviewed Howard’s tips for sportsmanship and what a good team player does.


What does a good team player do?

To put their sportsmanship skills into action, students engaged in games during a follow-up lesson. Some of the games we played were horseshoes, block tower building, and ball relays. Students also practiced high-fiving opposing teams. For some students, it was challenging to discern how much to cheer for their own team before it sounded like bragging. “We shouldn’t say our team is the best,” offered one Pre-First girl, “because then how would the other team feel?” Sportsmanship and empathy at work!

horseshoe measuring in prefirst for sportsmanship

Green team won this round by .25″!

horseshoe action shot for prefirst sportsmanship

Red team action shot

It's a true ringer for the Green team!

It’s a true ringer for the Green team!

serious teamwork

serious teamwork

Our block tower falling down -- let's build it again quickly!

Our block tower is falling down — let’s build it again quickly!

sportsmanship high fives in prefirst

High-fiving the other team — great job, everyone!


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