Changes: Moving into the Teen Years

Update: Due to an unforeseen conflict, the “Changes: Growing into the Teen Years” presentation about adolescent development has been postponed to Thursday, May 7 from 2:00-3:00

This Thursday, April 30, all Fifth Grade students will participate in the “Changes: Moving into the Teen Years” program. Nurse Keri Caldwell and I will speak to the girls; a physician who is a Westminster parent will speak to the boys. Information shared with both classrooms will come largely from the Procter & Gamble “Always Changing” program. We will answer questions related to topics covered in the Fifth Grade curriculum. If students have questions beyond the scope of the program, they will be encouraged to talk to parents and other trusted adults at another time. Although seeking information from friends is encouraged when the topic is homework or Field Day, that is not the practice we encourage when it comes to the topic of puberty. Well-intentioned friends providing misinformation leads to confusion…. and being a preteen is confusing enough!

Also, students will be instructed not to discuss the information they receive in the vicinity of younger siblings. It is a privilege to reach the milestone of the “puberty talk,” and it’s not the task of the Fifth Graders to educate younger children.

Thank you to parents who attended last night’s preview session. If anyone has questions before or after Thursday’s presentation, I am available by phone or email. Also, parents interested in checking out books on puberty in our professional library should contact Mr. Martin or Mrs. Cushing or stop by GWL.


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