Proud Pre-Firsters!

In our Pre-First classes, we’re reflecting on how much academic, personal, and social growth the students have experienced this year. The students are proud of their work — especially learning how to read and write! And they should be proud! It’s nice to be proud of ourselves when we’ve reached a goal, accomplished a difficult task, or shown kindness toward others. There is a difference between being humbly proud of ourselves and bragging, and we’ve examined that distinction.

Check out these students’ proud accomplishments. Way to go, Pre-First!


Reading, writing, and problem solving


Being a good friend, loving my mom, and reading Pigeon books


Great athletic feats!


He’s proud of himself for: not to make a mess and to be nice and to be respectful and to be good and last to be a BFF…. but also, he learned to be helpful!


Someone loves to read…


This student is outwardly-focused (and knows that Ms. Strother loves great manners!)


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