Let the 2015-2016 school year begin!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! In Love Hall, we are READY. We’re ready for your children, first-day nervousness/excitement, summer stories of travel and Tooth Fairy visits and family adventures, friendship changes and expansions, and so much more. Bring on the Wildcats!

I can’t let the year begin, though, without sharing about our busy, engaging week of faculty forum. How lucky Westminster teachers are! Last Tuesday, the entire faculty spread out and visited 11 leading organizations in Atlanta. I spent an unforgettable and moving morning at the Center for Civil and Human Rights. We returned to campus to dine and converse with colleagues who had toured different places; we made connections between our experiences and what we’ll teach in our classrooms. There is no doubt that the experience of Westminster students throughout the year will be enhanced by the impactful experiences we had that day.

CCHR pic 2

Center for Civil and Human Rights

CCHR pic 1

Center for Civil and Human Rights

On Wednesday, our professional development workshop options included an opportunity to paint outside on studio panels made from recycled materials. Faculty and staff from all three divisions gathered to use the new materials and provide feedback to the art teachers. Our feedback? Very, very positive! Hopefully students will enjoy an outdoor painting studio on the Pre-First playground this year!

faculty painting picstitch Aug 2015

Students will LOVE this outdoor painting studio


Three divisions combine for paintingstravaganza

After feeling a sense of adventure throughout last week’s workshops, meeting new students in grades 1-5 last Friday, seeing many parents at orientation meetings, delighting in today’s breakfast-that-morphs-into-lunch courtesy of PAWS, and shopping for spirit wear at the bookstore… we are READY.

I look forward to blogging about the school counseling program in Love Hall, happenings around campus, and the inspiring things your children say and do. Thank you for the honor of serving your children as their school counselor. Let’s make it the best school year yet!


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