Come and visit room 57!

Parents, when you’re visiting Love Hall, please stop by room 57 to say hello! Over the summer, I moved to be closer to the front office, the lunchroom, and the infirmary. I love hosting students in my room for lunch, but our time always goes so quickly! Now that I’m closer to the Hamilton Room, less time will be spent traveling in the hallways during the initial journey and during trips back to the line for more delicious food.

Ms Strother new room

I hope you’ll stop by when you’re in Love Hall! My door is always open… except for the day I took this picture…

My #1 priority as the school counselor in Love Hall is to help every student feel safe, supported, and loved at school. I believe it is of the utmost importance that all children — and adults — walk into school feeling like they belong. People should be welcomed by name. (Cheers had it right!) So that everyone spending time in Love Hall feels welcome in my room, I’m on a mission to visit every class and ask the students to write their names on a leaf that will be added to the cardboard tree on the wall. I’m tracking down special area teachers and other staff members, too. On the first day of school, two classes completed this task and accompanied me to my room to tape the leaf on the wall. They enjoyed seeing my new space, and I’m excited that they’ll know where to find me when they need me. I’m looking forward to watching the green leaves grow!

office tree Aug 2015

When you visit my office, you’ll see my tree of names! The name of every student and faculty/staff member in Love Hall will be on a leaf. Stop by and see the progress!


2 responses to “Come and visit room 57!”

  1. scootd says :

    Go, and do like-wise. Luke 10:37

  2. ccartert says :

    Can fellow teachers come visit, too? We need Ms. Strother, too…

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