Camp Kanuga: Mountain Trail Outdoor School

What’s the fastest way to bond with dozens of Fifth Graders? Spend three days with them in the rainy wilderness of Hendersonville, NC! From Monday morning through Wednesday afternoon, the Fifth Grade students, teachers, and a few additional faculty members slept, ate, canoed, hiked, played, learned, and laughed at Camp Kanuga’s Mountain Trail Outdoor School. The constant drizzle didn’t dampen the kids’ spirits, and the adults were proud of the positive attitudes displayed even when shoes (and all other clothing items) were soaked. The MTOS staff members were incredibly kind and patient 100% of the time, mealtimes were enjoyable, facilities were great, and the kids seemed to truly enjoy the company of their classmates. Below are a few images from our wet and wild adventure!


2 responses to “Camp Kanuga: Mountain Trail Outdoor School”

  1. scootd says :

    Go Kanuga Cats!!!🐯

  2. Becky McK says :

    Reblogged this on Student Life! and commented:
    We had a great adventure in the North Carolina mountains with the fifth graders. Thanks to Counselor Kate Strother for synopsis and photos!

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