Student Council information

It’s time for Student Council! The Lower School Student Council is made up of students who demonstrate excellent behavior, work habits, leadership qualities, and commitment to the school. At all times, Student Council members follow the school expectations of being safe, respectful, and responsible. Students participate in meetings (typically twice a month during morning meeting), work as a team with fellow Council members and faculty members, partner with a buddy classroom to serve as a link between the students and the Council and disseminate important information, and assist in planning and attending special events to benefit our school and community.

All Fourth and Fifth Grade students are welcome to apply for Student Council. Two applicants from each homeroom will be appointed. Interested students should pick up two papers from my office: Part 1 (two-sided form to be completed by the student) and Part 2 (teacher recommendation form to be handed to a homeroom or special area teacher of the student’s choice). Applications are due no later than 8:00am on Friday, October 30. A committee of faculty members will read applications and teacher recommendation forms, and appointed students will be announced by Friday, November 6. We’re looking forward to great student leadership this year! Email with questions.

Want to see some of the activities Student Council members were involved with last year? Click here!


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