Student Council 2015-2016 at Open House

Congratulations to the Fourth and Fifth Grade students appointed to the Lower School Student Council! This is the second year of Student Council in Love Hall, and students are eager to fulfill leadership roles. Throughout the year, members will sharpen their leadership skills by working with a partner classroom of younger students, putting on an assembly, and assisting with school-wide endeavors such as Admissions Open House. In fact, the Council’s first official duty was to welcome prospective parents to yesterday’s Open House. Eighteen Council members participated as greeters while visitors streamed into the building, and then most of the students were committed to other areas as well, such as Chorus, P.E., Science, and Band. The remaining students spent the rest of their time stationed in the hallways, speaking with parents and answering questions. Visitors enjoyed obtaining the perspectives of student leaders on Lower School goings-on. One parent remarked with a laugh, “The polite young man we just spoke to in the hallway asked me if we needed help navigating our way around. When we told him we didn’t know where we were heading, he asked, ‘Would you like a suggestion? My favorite class is Design Thinking, and I think you’d love to see it.’ So, we’re heading that way!”

Thank you to Student Council for the Saturday participation and to the admissions team for including the students!

2015-2016 Lower School Student Council: Fourth graders Grayson G., Lizzie, Andrew, Grayson C., Kate M., Willem, Campbell H., Laura, Layla, Lucas, and Sydney; Fifth graders Olivia Mc., Campbell D., Kate L., Riley, Hewlett, Katherine, Caroline, Olivia Mo., Abby, Sabrina, and James.

Ready to welcome prospective parents to Love Hall!

Ready to welcome prospective parents to Love Hall!

IMG_3211 IMG_3212

Right this way to the Hamilton Room, please...

Right this way to the Hamilton Room, please…


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