Learning in the lunchroom

In our recent Second Grade guidance lessons, we’ve tackled the universal issues of appropriate voice volume, manners, and respect in the lunchroom. All four classes discussed the problems we face during mealtime in the Hamilton Room, from children running to get more food to talking with mouths full to forgetting basic manners when speaking to the kind individuals who provide our food. Students made lists of specific problems and helpful solutions. We watched a video of lunch procedures in a Japanese school. More important than videos and lists, though, was the main reason for wanting to make changes in the first place. Why do we want a quieter lunchroom? Why should we clean up after ourselves? Why should we use good manners? One word: respect.


All students know that when an adult turns off the main overhead light during lunch, everyone falls silent. This procedure was put in place so that if an emergency situation arises, adults can get the attention of all individuals immediately. Unfortunately, we’ve been using the lights-off signal not only to practice immediate silence but also to curb the escalating noise level. Second graders agreed that they don’t want the lights turned off because of their noise level anymore, they want to solve the problems they observe, and they want to lead the way as role models of respect. They all chose a method of getting their messages of appropriate etiquette out to the rest of Love Hall.

Mrs. Bradway and Ms. Brown’s class created posters, and Mrs. DuPriest helped us strategically place them around the Hamilton Room for maximum exposure.


Ms. Padgett and Ms. Tedesco’s students replaced some of the napkin holder announcements with reminders about manners and general respect.


Mrs. Carroll and Ms. Mahoney’s class used iPads to photograph classmates acting out correct mealtime manners. Look for these photographs on the hallway TV soon!



Finally, Mrs. Dalbo and Ms. Hartness’ students will perform skits for other classes after the Thanksgiving break. Great job, Second Grade! We predict great overall improvement in voice volume, manners, and general respect… not to mention general enjoyment of mealtime with friends and colleagues!


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