Lower School Counseling Services

Classroom Counseling Lessons / SEL / Guidance Lessons
In Pre-First, First, and Second grades, I teach a guidance lessons called SEL/Guidance. I see each class once per rotation for 30 minutes. We focus on character development, self-management, social skills, and more. I use books, videos, songs, skits, and a rare puppet or dance move to initiate discussions with the students.

A Days: Chapman/Haan 1st grade (10:40-11:10), Anderson/Schlafly 1st grade (12:10-12:40)
B Days: Arledge/Lancaster Pre-First (10:00-10:30), Dalbo Hartness 2nd grade (2:30-3:00)
D Days: Griffith/Rimmer Pre-First (12:30-1:00), Kadaba/Lucey 3rd grade (2:30-3:00)
F Days: Bonin/Hines Pre-First (8:30-9:00), Bradway/Brown 2nd grade (9:30-10:00), Lovern/Hitchcock 1st grade (10:40-11:10)
G Days: Padgett/Tedesco 2nd grade (10:15-10:45), Dick/Widness Pre-First (11:30-12:00), Henson/McCarthy 1st grade (12:10-12:40), Carroll/Mahoney 2nd grade (2:30-3:00)
**Friday schedules might vary

Individual Counseling
It’s tough to be a kid! At school, I am a safe person to talk to when kids are having a tough day. I am available to students in all six grades for individual counseling sessions on any topic. Students know that I love to talk about all feelings that might inhibit their focus during the day, especially anxiety, anger, sadness, worry, etc. They also know that I love talking about sports triumphs, vacations, funny sibling stories, the Atlanta Braves, chocolate, and wiggly teeth!

Students can ask their teachers to visit me, write me a note and leave it in the mailbox outside of my office door, or ask me in person if we can talk. As a school counselor, I do not provide ongoing therapy, but I can meet semi-regularly with students who need to check in. Also, I love having lunch with students in my office!

Small Group Counseling
I provide small group counseling as needed on topics such as anxiety, family change, friendship, and self-control. Teachers suggest names of students who might benefit from a few sessions with other children, and sometimes parents request that their child become part of a group.

Parent Consultation
One of my favorite aspects of this wonderful job is meeting with parents to talk about their children. Please contact me anytime if you’d like to share information about something happening at home, ask questions about something going on at school, seek guidance about children’s emotions or behavior, or simply ask for a sounding board. If I can’t answer your questions, I’ll be sure to find someone who can.

School Counseling Department
As a member of Westminster’s cross-divisional Counseling Department, I collaborate frequently with some of the most wonderful faculty members at Westminster, my four fellow school counselors. When our Fifth Graders head “down the hill” to Clarkson Hall to begin their Middle School adventure, their school counselor (Tray Malloy) and grade chairs are ready and waiting to take great care of them.


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